Service Learning & Cultural Activities

Service Learning

Rosey students are privileged children who must learn to lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate.


Very close attention is paid to this aspect of their education using community service requirements and the work of the Solidarity Committee, which plays a key role in raising awareness and promoting action to assist the most needy.


Other specific operations are undertaken each year, such as: working trips to participate in the construction of orphanages in Romania and Bulgaria; trips to Rosey-Abantara school in Mali, built thanks to the efforts of Rosey students, where they have worked in our sister school and supervised its pupils; evenings spent in homes for the elderly and hospitals; fund-raising for disaster relief; joint work with parents and alumni for targeted actions.

Rosey Abantara logo

The Rosey-Abantara school in Bamako, Mali


Since 2003, Rosey students, Rosey parents and the entire Rosey team have worked together to finance and operate our sister school in Bamako. 1500 young Malians are educated there in a beautiful school with good teachers and remarkable facilities.

Our new project: the Rosey Abantara Vocational School

On a recently acquired site adjacent to Rosey-Abantara, we are going to build a hospitality industry and IT vocational school for young people from Bamako who have passed the Baccalaureate. Mali suffers from a lack of skills and leadership in this field and this is a way of offering a professional future of quality to our African friends.


Our goal


To raise one million francs to finance this project over the next two years. By sharing our educational skills, we are being faithful to the fundamental values of Le Rosey: solidarity and respect.

Cultural Activities

Lectures and Conferences

Visiting speakers and Le Rosey’s TEDx guests provide students with an original perspective on the most diverse range of topics, from the economy to culture and philosophy to politics and the environment.





Culture is at the heart of Le Rosey and Rosey students are given the exceptional opportunity of hosting the largest orchestras and the most famous performers! Already considered to be one of the best Swiss concert halls, the Rosey Concert Hall has hosted several thousand visitors from all over the world and, naturally, hundreds of Rosey students. We invite you to explore this season’s highly varied programme. To our knowledge, no other school in the world offers such an arts programme to young people! Rosey Concert Hall Website

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