Arts & Sports

The Arts

The world of arts unites demanding teaching and constant practice. Shows, festivals, exhibitions and external examinations allow students to set goals, measure progress and take pride in displaying their talents.

Visual arts

A huge choice!

Teachers give children the techniques necessary to express their talent in varied fields such as drawing, painting, silk or porcelain work, photography, design, scale model making, 3D printing and sculpture.


In French or English!

The theatre groups put on three shows a year, in English or in French. These are spectacular shows produced by teachers with professional expertise.

There are regular weekend trips to London and Paris, so that students may attend theatre performances.


Each child is given a taste for music which will accompany them throughout their lives!

Rosey students can learn to play an instrument and become a member of the orchestra or one of the classical, jazz or rock instrumental ensembles. They learn to sing in one of the choirs. They put on several regular concerts per year, at the Christmas Concerts, the Gstaad Gala and the End-of-Year fête.
Almost all the standard musical instruments are taught at Le Rosey to prepare students for the music and singing examinations of the Royal Academic of Music, or for the simple pleasure of playing.

Sports & Expeditions



Since the school began, sports have held an important place in life at Le Rosey. Sports promote integration in the community, contribute to good health, encourage a spirit of competition, teach fair play and help lead to the development of a well-rounded personality.


Le Rosey is a heaven for sports enthusiasts who can practise a multitude of sports under the supervision of qualified teachers, two hours a day. Le Rosey participates in all inter-school tournaments and, compared to other Swiss schools, our teams win proportionately many more cups and medals than would be expected for school of this size!
In Gstaad, in the winter, under the leadership of qualified monitors, Rosey students make rapid progress in skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and other snow sports.

Sports over the three terms

Term 1

Football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, horse riding, rugby, cross country, gymnastics and fitness, tennis, swimming, golf, dance.

Term 2 in Gstaad

Ski, ski touring, snowboarding, ice hockey, curling, snow-shoeing and sledging.

Term 3

The same as the first term, plus athletics, beach volleyball and, at Le Rosey’s private nautical centre, sailing, rowing and water-skiing…

Expeditions and unforgettable challenges…

Expeditions give each Rosey student the opportunity for exceptional experiences of the great outdoors and an opportunity to get to know their own strengths and limits better. Safety requirements and security are the order of the day in these highly varied programmes which are provided both in the Lake Geneva area and in the mountains for enjoyable or ambitious explorations and challenges.


Every year, numerous students work towards achieving bronze, silver and gold awards in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme.  Recognised across the world for its quality, this programme of personal development fosters individual autonomy particularly through its demanding expeditions programme.  Le Rosey is a pioneer of the International Award in Switzerland. 

Mid-October cultural trips


These trips are offered each year in the middle of the first term for students to visit countries and cities further afield. This is another opportunity for valuable interactions between students and teachers, as they share new cultural horizons.

Themed weekends…


These weekends are offered throughout the year. They are an opportunity for students to explore the cities of Europe, to attend concerts and theatre performances, to visit museums and exhibitions and to experience the excitement of sports stadiums or grand prix race tracks…

A few destinations…


  • Trips to find out more about universities in the USA and the United Kingdom.
  • Humanitarian trips to Mali, Romania or India. Introductory trip to the desert.
  • Cultural or nature trips to Egypt, Vietnam, Japan, Cuba or Kenya.
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